Worship & Ministry Style

Our Worship Style

Here at Portland Pentecostals, we express our love for God with passion and sincerity. We endeavor to provide an atmosphere of freedom in worship, while keeping order, for people to connect with God and give him the heartfelt worship He deserves!

Our Ministry Style

Altar Worship - Portland PentecostalsSunday Morning Service is filled with energetic worship and preaching. Since our worship experience is designed to be interactive, at the conclusion of each preaching session there is time set aside to gather at the altar for worship, reflection and consecration.

Sunday school classes are also offered on Sunday mornings – click here for more information.

Sunday Evening Service is typically a combination of teaching and preaching with a focus on strengthening and encouraging maturing Christians.

Tuesday Evening Bible Studies are interactive sessions with practical teaching for individuals who want to apply Biblical principles to their everyday lives. These sessions are often taught in a series with an assortment of subjects such as:

  • Building healthy relationships
  • Apostolic doctrine
  • Prayer and fasting
  • Personal evangelism
  • And much more

Children and Youth Classes are also offered on Tuesday nights. For more information on children’s ministries, click here. For more info on youth ministries, click here.

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